Cri Cri Latino feat. Marjorie Jiménez

Marjorie Jiménez – voc, Christoph Aupperle – vib, Julian Keßler – g, Tim Roth – b, Giovanni Gulino – dr

Marjorie Jiménez was born and lives in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Growing up in a musical family, she sang from her childhood. She completed her studies in architecture, photography and tourism in several countries, including Spain and Italy. Through these visits she gained diverse musical experiences. Jazz, bossa nova, boleros, afro-cuban music and gospel among their musical styles. She lived in Frankfurt am Main from 2010 till 2015.

The band plays a modern and hot mixture of brazilian & Latin (Cuban) music, including original material written by Christoph Aupperle. 

In 2016 the band played various concerts in the Dominican Republic with the friendly support of the German Embassy.

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Trio da Nina



Trio da Nina

Nina Schellhase – voc, Christoph Aupperle – vib, Julian Keßler – g

On stage on the river, in a dimly lit jazz club or on a huge party – Trio da Nina fills the room with music full of passion.
The repertoire ranges from Rio de Janeiro to New York to New Orleans.

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BHQ feat. Roberto „el paste“ Herrador

Volker Deglmann– tr, Julian Keßler – g, Andreas Reinhardt – b, Benedikt Hesse – dr, Robertor Herrador – voc & cga

The quartet of drummer Benedikt Hesse masters the balance between openness and the clear tradition of Afro-Latin American rhythm and culture.

Together with trumpeter Volker Deglmann, guitarist Julian Kessler and bassist Andreas Reinhard,  he creates the connection  between the freedom of jazz and the opening of its rhythms to modern jazz, to the powerful attitude of the New York Latin jazz scene, which is strongly influenced by tradition , experimentation and improvisational openness.

The Band features the latin-american percussion player and singer Roberto „el paste“ Herrador from El Salvador.





Patricia Cruz – voc, Marcus Seibert – cl & ts, Julian Keßler – g, André de Cayrs – b, Sinvaldo Vierra da Matta (Biroska) – dr

PORTOFINO represents a 15 year trademark of Latin American music made in Cologne, directed by the clarinet and sax player Marcus Seibert.

The 2014 band plays a purely Brazilian jazz concert program with many compositions by the double bass player André Cayres and lyrics by the singer Patricia Cruz, but also with well-known samba and bossa nova tunes.

With Brazilian music is associated Samba and Bossa Nova. But choro, frevo, Baiao, country-related toada and Partido Alto are known danceable rhythms of the great country.

With PORTOFINO you travel along with the music trough the whole Brazil country!


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