Besides my activities as a live guitar player, I always try to share my knowledge to every person who is interested in music.

My teaching experience covers 18 years now including students of every age and every level, small to large groups and ensembles.

Online Teaching is also possible via Skype, Zoom etc.

Some real life examples for you:

Yearly Jazzworkshop weeks in Germany with Ensemble Classes, Music Theory/ Harmony & Ear Training Courses and Lessons in jazz guitar.

Jazzimprovisation/ Jazz guitar workshops at the Conservatory and University of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic).

Jury Member of the „Offenbacher Musikwettbewerb“.

Some Students of mine are now studying music after successfully passing the entrance tests.

Here are some topics, which I can cover in my lessons:

Overview of the instrument

Harmony, theory and ear training


Rhythm and Time


Playing with other musicians (Duo, Trio, Band etc. to Big-Band)

Technique (Right Hand: Fingers, Flatpick, HypridPicking/ Left Hand: Exercises, Articulation, Legatoplaying)

Chord construction ( Basic to Advanced/ Modern Approaches)

Soloplaying (Chordmelody)

Different musical styles (Jazz, Pop, Rock, Funk)

Latin america and brazilian musical styles (Samba, Bossa Nova, Cha-Cha, Salsa etc.)