Berry Blue Trio

Berry Blue – voc/perc & Julian Keßler – g/voc & Christoph Aupperle – p (vib)

Christoph Aupperle & Julian Kessler & Berry Blue – three passionate musicians full of contrasts. The cool Aupperle, brilliant on the piano and on the vibraphone meets the charming singer Berry Blue with his warm voice and his son, the virtuoso guitarist Julian Kessler.

Together, the jazz trio produces an exciting mix of cold and hot, avant-garde and familiarity.

The trio will present a program of re-arranged bossa novas, ballads, swing, blues & jazz standards and surprises with his interpretations of German, French and Italian chansons.


Berry Blue Band

Berry Blue Band

Berry Blue – voc, Hans Rück – as, Christoph Aupperle – vib, Julian Keßler – g, Alex Heilmann – b, Ulli Schiffelholz – dr

The Band plays different musical programs, mainly jazz standards from the Great American Songbooks, all new arranged by Christoph Aupperle & Julian Keßler in a new, modern, explosive and bluesy mood.

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